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Make cheap cockpit under your desk...


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This is sketch i made, after getting an idea surfing the internet and looking for diy home-made cheap cockpits....What do you think?


The vertical piece is made of wood, and it is moveable (so you can swing it under the table when not in use)...


It has three mount pieces, so you can use central/right stick setup...


There is also photo of exiting setup, i found in some other forums...



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yes, it s an easy and cheap solution to build,..you can check LLTM of the past years, i think in the 2008 pictures you will see, that our friends from the netherland, some of the Dutch Flanker pilots used this solution. i think it is ok..as it is..upgradable!)


well, it depends on your room space, money and skills in using today available tools, on what you can realize.



but one idea maybe, cause for me the left side mounting place would collide with my collectiv solution, so i whould make the plates for the HOTAS, adjustable..all 3

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