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Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog + DCS A-10 featured on Engadget.com


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You guys may be interested to see....




Video shows some footage of A10c with a cut in of the controller as well as what looks to be the F15 of FC2. Later there is some footage of what looks (and sounds) suspiciously like the back of Mr Wagner's head.


Also attached is a slew of images of the event and the stick. This looks to be a very good controller for an excellent upcoming Sim.


-We can expect a write-up from SimHQ fairly soon.

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Fairly boring display from engadget imo. Kind of lame they didn't use headtracking and really slewed the view around with the coolie-hat of the stick...

Also a lot of talk about A-10C when they were obviously flying the regular A-10 in FC2 (except for Mr Wagner at the very end though!).


The hardware looks amazing though, a shame they didn't put some more effort into displaying that.


On the other hand the write-up at simhq looks very nice! Going to enjoy reading that tomorrow

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FreeTrack in DCS A10C (64bit): samttheeagle's headtracker.dll

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