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Unit Templates for Russia, USA, Georgia

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Hi All,


In the spirit of helping to kickstart more mission making and make it easier, I want to share my templates. There are templates for most types of groups you will need for Russia, Georgia, and the USA.



1. Backup your old templates.bs file if you have any templates.

2. Copy the templates.bs file to your BlackShark subfolder in your DCS or FC2 game folder




Placement: After placing with the template tool, use the directional indicator to spin them so that any weapons units face the enemy.


Artillery: Should be placed with the guns toward the target in a line or they won't fire, also they need to be in range of course.

A battalion of 8 guns, only 4 will fire on a single target point at once until the ammo runs out, and then the next 4. Unless it is an MRL/MLRS type launcher, this takes forever.

So if you want all 8 to attack at once, then set two target points on the same spot and they will all attack.


SAM sites: the point in the "V" shape should point towards the enemy, however most radars and launchers have 360degree traverse, but the other units would point the wrong way. I've based the SAM sites off the information found in the mission editor hot tips thread as much as possible with the units available, like service trucks, cargo trucks etc.


FARP: place the FARP object right where the infantry guy is. This FARP should "work", but for scenery you should add FARP tent, ammo, command, and other static objects, and some defensive units. Statics can't be part of templates, and I won't add defence to FARPs as it's up to your mission design what sort of defence you want. There is no FARP for USA - they should use a Georgian FARP.


Infantry: With Infantry + APCs/IFVs in the template, it's intended that you don't set the waypoint speed any faster than the infantry can walk. Otherwise you probably want to create a new "mounted" group for fast movement, and then deactivate that at the destination and activate the dismounted group.


Airborne/Amphibious: For paradrop groups like BTR-RD and amphibious groups like MTLBU, you can simulate a paradrop or amphibious landing by activating the group near the beach and displaying a message on a trigger. This could make for some interesting missions with ships/helicopters and combined operations.


Other Countries: To duplicate a template into another country, place two groups from the template. Then change the country on the second one - this will reset all to the default unit though. Then using the first group that you placed as a reference, you can simply change the "type" of each unit to match the other group and save the template.


All this is best used with the mission editor mod to save alot of time!


If anyone else has any templates to share, or can add/update this with any better military knowledge please share.


Also anyone know if it's possible to combine two templates? I've opened the file but it looks like it would take alot of manual typing to renumber all the groups. If anyones good at scripting perl or something like that maybe...






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It would be good to add templates into Blindspots Mission Editor mod, but I'm not sure if we could do it without overwriting people's existing templates.


Would need a way to combine templates, using the modman insert line function...

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UH-1H | Ka-50 | A-4E | F-86F | F-5E | F-18C | AV8B

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