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Question on MiG-25R/RB/RBV Nav Lights


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On the different recce/strike version of the Foxbat,and prior to 1976,there were no lateral nav lights on the air intakes.




Those started appearing after (transparent material?),but I noticed that on the RB/RBV/RBK - starting from 1978 - they are totally black,like made-up of composite materials,so I was thinking maybe they have been replaced by some ECM or SIGINT antennas,as the latest versions were upgraded with the SPS-151 (ECM) and SRS-9 Virazh (SIGINT) systems.





As far as I know those systems were carried internally but I have no clue on their antennas...any idea?

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In late seventies, early eighties ('82 IIRC) MiG-25PD and PDM modernisation programme was conducted in Soviet Union, this was more in a manner of "kicking a dead horse" 'cause MiG-31 was already to replace Foxbats and smaller but more agile 4th gen fighters like Fulcrum and Flanker behind the corner. I guess Belenko's flight to Japan surely unmasked all mysteries of plain MiG-25P so CCCP needed what it was missing.






Many avionics were upgraded. Airworthy airframes scheduled for upgrade received S-25 Sapphire instead of SP-25 Smerch radar, RWR Beryoza LE (or LM), KDS-155 chaff /flare dispenser and Geranium ECM system as a standard. Gardenia 1FU - active ECM was also an option but only as a external centerline pod denying the use of massive fueltanks



Engines installed were "downgraded" R-15BD-300 variants prolonging TBO.




If you're interested in MiG-25 here's a nice walkaround in .pdf, no techical data or text though but pics say more than 1000 words, right?



You'll notice different cockpit layouts in some photos, some of pics show Beryoza RWR display and older P cockpits lack it!

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There are upgraded PD and PDS, but few are in Russia today...if you're looking for PD look Libya, Algeria, Syria, Belarus...


Not a large number of interceptors remained operational with introduction of MiG-31 therefore no need for upgrading those birds for use with VVS & PVO of CCCP. On the other hand, lots of recon and strike Foxbats (RB, RBT, RBK, RBV) and two seat trainers (PU) continued service and some of them are still being used by Russian airforce today.


MiG-25PU (two seat trainer lacking combat capability):



Foxbats upgraded to PD and PDS were sold abroad, large number ended in Libya and Algeria:



MiG-25RBT Elint birds were deployed to East Germany and had this very unusual camo:



That's why you'll see more upgraded PD interceptors with foreign airforces and were very rare in CCCP.

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