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campaigns starting from RAMP

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I noticed in FC2 that some campaigns (F15, su27) start from ramp meanwhile others (mig29 in the hump, A10) start from the runway.


I normally prefer starting from ramp for a more realistic experience and was wondering is there is a downloadable pack of campaign missions with fixed ramp start position, alternatively on how to fix this myself.


I've for instanced opened a campaing mission in the mission editor and switched from runway start to ramp start but, while I was able to move the wingman to the apron, the player aircraft would snap back to the runway.


Any suggestion welcome





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I wonder why they did not set them all to ramp start :)

anyway I've opened changed and saved all of the campaign .mis files.





You must set Waypoint 1 Type to start from ramp. The waypoint position will always be centred on the airport, it is the Type of waypoint you have to change.




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