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A-10 Sounds


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I recently bought, downloaded, and installed Flaming Cliffs 2. I also installed

patch 1.2.1 and my problem is that I have no sound from Engines or Weapons.

On my installation, I got an error when the game first tried to start. The error

had to do with Direct X and said I was missing some "dll' files. I have since

uninstalled and reinstalled the program three times. I no longger get the error

error message but when the game starts I have no sound.

I also have the original Lock On installed on my computer and it works fine

with all sounds normal.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Potbelly aka Bob Nicholson

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What is your soundcard? Have you updated your driveres for it? What is the operating system of your computer, and is it patched up?




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Could you please supply a DxDiag output file? You can find directions on how here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=52089


This will make it easier for us to discern a possible cause, or at least eliminate some possible causes. Unfortunately the description of "Gateway i7 920" does not give much information at all - Gateway has the unfortunate habit of having scores of submodels to each model with sometimes pretty drastic differences in the hardware (usually motherboard differences - things a normal user will not notice but that would be important to know in this case). A DxDiag is an easy way to get detailed hardware/driver information in one simple package.


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