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[LOMAC 1.02] Su-33 Glitches Game? [Images]

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I've been flying the Su-33 in LOMAC v1.02 lately, and I've noticed flying the Su-33 is causing my game to glitch a little. More specifically, it causes the UI and main menu screen to go crazy (Screenshots will be added). Another issue is that I get random CTD's from flying the Su-33. I will be flying and at random the game will crash. However, I don't crash every time I fly the Su-33, only sometimes.


The UI screen issues only happen after I fly the Su-33. Could this be a screen resolution problem? I play with my screen resolution at 1440x900 (Fits my monitor). This only happens with the Su-33 though.







Does anybody know of a solution?

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I see your screenshots are in 1024x640? Unless you resized them this seems somehow you have non standard resolution which is what could be giving you this issue... other than that not many are still running v1.02 (including me) so unable to help/sugest more

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