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[FS] Triple Monitor Setup

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This is for US-based simheads only. Nothing in this set up can be switched to run at 240V (sorry my Euro pals :( )


Yes, I am selling my triple monitor set up. Before I put it on ebay, I figured I'd give my simhead pals a shot at it.


It's a Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition interface (in manf box w/ latest firmware upgrade) and three Acer X203H 20" LCD monitors (in manf box, driver CD, VGA & DVI-D cables, power cables).


Cost of a new TH2G Digital is about $280 ($300 usually with shipping).

Cost of the monitors is around $110-$115 each


This set up is in immaculate condition and I am asking $500 for it.


I will negotiate, but not by much. I do my research before selling wink.gif


For those wondering "Why" I would get rid of such a sweet rig, the answer is simple. We're reorganizing things in the house (this time, it was MY idea) and my computer desk has to go in order to get one more conducive for the area where the office is. The desk I am looking at is not suited for three monitors.


I have already put a 24" monitor in the place of the triple set up btw wink.gif


Made this video a few months ago:



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