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FC2 in 5040x1050 3 Monitors with new HD 5670


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Hey everybody, I've been searching through here trying to figure out the best way to set up my tripple monitors to run with FC2. What I have found is a bunch of threads using TH2G and Kegety's Softsomething.


I'm running a new Radeon HD5670 which supports three monitors without third party software. I've got it all setup, works great with a lot of games, but some require config editing.


I was wondering if someone could tell me what values need to be edited in what configs to run FC2 in 5040x1050? I've set it up pretty good, and have edited the view.lua and changed values from 120 to 200. But it still doesn't look quite right.


It seems to be squished from top to bottom and stretched from left to right. I'd attach a screen, but don't quite know how, so if you would like one, please fill me in on how to do that for you.


Also, I've set up my settings ingame to run at res 5040x1050, aspect 16:10 on one monitor. It's playable, but like I said, squished from top to bottom and stretched from left to right.


Is there more values in more files that need to be modified? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks guys.

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Aspect ration is your problem. One of your monitor alone maybe 16x10 but when seen as one screen through eyefinity they are 48x10. The aspect ratio setting in game is for the entire display not just one screen. If there is not an appropriate option listed you will need to set it by hand in the options.lua file.

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I knew someone would ask for a photo, let me try and get one on here, one moment. Like I said, I'm not sure how to take a screen shot, but it seems I've got it. Thanks for you help everyone.


The photo looks a little better than what I actually see ingame, but you can pretty much see what I'm saying, it looks crushed from the top. Every circle looks stretched from left to right.


I haven't read anything about editing options.lua, so I'm sure that's what I need to do. At this point I have only changed view.lua from 120 to 200, that's all.


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You are correct! I chose 1 monitor. I'm not sure if this was right or not, but with eyefinity, it combines your three monitors into one 5040x1050 display.


When I choose 3 monitors it looks like this. I tried messing around with this for awhile, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to use one monitor as it is almost perfect that way. Not sure how I think the three monitor setup would be for a configuration where I have skval on left, cockpit center, and radar on right or something. I'm trying to run all monitors as one.


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With eyefinity 1 monitor is the right choice, as I said before the aspect ratio setting is causing the problem. You'll probably need to edit the options.lua file and manually enter 4.8 as your aspect ratio directly in the file. 16:10 selection in games sets this value to 1.777777778 which is wrong for you monitor configuration.

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I'm not even near to be correct. Look at that picture. Sorry about blank shot :)


It seems that Gardoc gave you right solution.

Gardoc or G3, are you talking about option.lua that is located in

...\Eagle Dynamics\LockOn Flaming Cliffs 2\BlackShark\data\scripts\



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Well, we're definitely on to something here. I tried those values, but they don't seem to be the ones I need (see screen). With aspect of 4.8 it seems the opposite of the origional problem, now it seems to be squished left to right and stretched up and down. Also, now my face is up on the hud and view in cockpit is limited to control panel, ie, I can't look down at throttle for example.


Originally it had my aspect as 1.6, not 1.777 if that matters. However, I'm confident the right value in this field will fix my problems, I just need to figure out what values they are. Thanks for getting me this far, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.


EDIT: forgot to mention, with an aspect of 4.8 everything outside the cockpit looks perfect, it's just in the cockpit my FOV seems limited and smashed up against the hud. I already have view.lua set to 250, tried 350 and it didn't do much of anything, but did make the game stutter a little.


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Ok, seems I have it set up nicely now. CombatAce, I'm using Trackir, and that disables the zoom feature unfortunately, otherwise I would have saved some serious time.


But if there is anyone else trying to run this game in 5040x1050 without TH2G or keg's software then all you need to do is edit two files.


view.lua and options.lua


In view you edit below this line

-- Camera view angle limits {view angle min, view angle max}.

CameraViewAngleLimits = {}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {20.0, 425.0}


default value is 120, and as you see I have changed mine to 425.0, this is 'zooms out' a little, so your face isn't in the HUD. Then to solve the Trackir problem, you move down the file a little and edit


CameraAngleRestriction = {}

CameraAngleRestriction[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {1,60,0.05}


default value here is 1 and I have changed mine to 0.05, this allows you to look all over your cockpit and behind you etc.


Finally edit Options as discussed in this thread and edit at the bottom to look like this


["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera",

["color"] = "32",

["heatBlr"] = 1,

["scenes"] = "high",

["water"] = 2,

["fullScreen"] = true,

["visibRange"] = "High",

["aspect"] = 3.6,

["textures"] = 2,

["shadows"] = 3,

["effects"] = 3,

["width"] = 5040,

["lights"] = 2,

["height"] = 1050,

["civTraffic"] = 0,

["resolution"] = "5040x1050",

["haze"] = 1,


Default aspect for me was 1.6, I changed it to 4.8 but it looked off, so I fiddled around and found 3.6 looks the best, even though it makes no sense mathematically.


I'd like to thank everyone who helped and I hope this thread will help others trying to set this up.



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Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. I also have eyefinity running at a resolution of 5120*1200. I have done everything you have, aside from track ir because I don't have it. Are you getting weird draw distances on your side monitors?




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