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Anyone got any ideas why Unlimited fuel doesnt work for the su25 and su25t ? it works for all other planes.


Same with Immortal, works for all planes except the su25 and 25t


unlimited Ammo works for all planes no problem, but fuel and immortal dont work for the 25s.


Reason I ask is, because yesterday I was in the mood to just fly for hours, I cudnt be ass'd refueling, so I turned on unlimited fuel and unlimited weapons.


The weapons worked no problem, the fuel bars in the su25t didnt move, they stayed at same level all the time, but the fuel amount readout with the numbers slowly ticked down and when it got to 0 my engines cut out. The fuel bars in the vanilla 25, they slowly decreased as usual, even with unlimited fuel enabled.


I then cued up the other planes and unlimited fuel worked perfect with them, so I then tested immortal to see if it had the same problem, I nose dived into the deck with a 29 and indeed I bounced, I then tried with both 25/t and I blew up.


So does anyone have any ideas ? is this a known bug ? or is it my install thats fubar'd or does the unlimited fuel and immortal only work for the non AFM planes ?

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By design, the AFM (SU-25's) doesn't support the immortal.

I wasnt aware it affected fuel & weapons too - but as it seems, AFM models isnt supposed to be "simple" (SFM).


Thats the best info I can provide atm.

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The unlimited weapons work ok on the 25 and 25t, its just the fuel and immortal that doesnt work.


The immortal part was just a test to see if that was also affected.


So basically


Unlimited Ammo works fine in ALL user aircraft


Unlimited Fuel, does not work on the Su25 and Su25t, but it works on all the other user aircraft.


Immortal, doesnt work on the su25 and su25t but does work on the other user aircraft.


I am not really worried about the fuel or immortal or even the ammo, as I dotn fly like that, it was just last night, I had made a playlist of music and for somereason I was in the mood to just fly for ages around dusk, so I placed a good few targets on the map, spread out all over and I decided that I couldnt be bothered going back and forth re-arming and re-fueling, so I decided to turn on unlimited fuel and unlimited ammo, well the unlimited ammo worked no problem, but then i heard the lady saying fuel 1500 and then bingo fuel etc and I thought, hmm, I hope she is just going through the motions and my fuel really wont run out.


I looked at the fuel bars and they were still at full, but the numbers were counting down and then all of a sudden my engines died :(


I thought it was a bug or something corrupt in my game, so i then tested other planes with the fuel and ammo and immortal settings, and on the rest of the planes they all worked as expected, only the 25s had problems with fuel and immortal, the immortal i dont care about, but the unlimited fuel is a bugger because it would be good at times to just have unlimited fuel and to fly about without having to land and top up.

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^big up for AFM capabilities!)


don t use immortal or unlimited settings,..no way for it!)

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