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3 monitors

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For the life of me, I cannot get this game to work at all with SofthTH with 3 monitors.


It either crashes with a d3d8.dll error, or just endlessly flickers my 3 monitor screen setup, for which I then have to ctl-alt-delete, switch user account them shutdown LockOn in task manager.


I have read just about every post going and have found nothing of help. For what its worth, Ive tried patch 1.02, Flaming Cliffs (with the latest patch) and Flaming Cliffs 2 (also with the latest patch) and nothing seems to work with SofthTH (tried all versions from 1.0 to 2.01). What is it I'm doing wrong? Ive spent the best part of a week with this now.


My SoftTH.cfg:



; SoftTH 1.09 configuration file

; by Kegetys, http://www.kegetys.net




; deviceIDLeft/right: Direct3D device ID's of left and right monitor, or 'auto' for automatic

; secondaryWidth/Height: Left&right monitor resolution, or 'auto' to use same as middle screen resolution

; secondaryRefresh: Refresh rate of left & right monitors, or 'auto' for automatic

; secondaryFormat: Secondary device image format: 'RGB32', 'RGB16', 'RGB16D' or 'RGB32CUDA'.

; uploadMethod: Method used to upload image to secondary card(s): 'blit', 'D3D' or 'D3DCUDA'

; forceAffinity: Set to 1 to force process affinity to all processors/cores.

; borderSize: Size in pixels of frame border between monitors that is discarded

; sideExtraWidth: Width difference between middle and side monitors, or 'auto' to autodetect from desktop resolution

; noHotkeys: Set to 1 to disable all hotkeys

; noOSD: Set to 1 to disable on-screen display when changing settings















; ** Advanced setting for Direct3D games **

; lensCorrection: Lens correction, set to 1 to enable support. >1 to enable by default

; lensCorrectionEdge: Lens correction edge offset

; hideNondefaultDevices: Hides all but the default adapter from the game

; forceHorizontalFOV: Forces horizontal FOV to be three times as wide

; forceResolutionWidth/Height: Forces device to be created with this resolution

; force16bitDepth: Force game to use 16bit depth buffer, can improve performance and reduce memory use

; sleepBeforeRead: Time in ms to sleep before reading back buffer data from video card

; useMultihead: Uses multihead features of primary card if available, can increase performance and reduce memory use

; delayedPresent: When useMultihead enabled, delay primary monitor present to sync with secondary head

; d3d8dll: Path to D3D8.dll/D3D9.dll to use or auto for automatic (system32 dir)

; altResetBehaviour: Do not reset lost main device after secondary device initialization (WDDM crash workaround)
















; Win32 API hooking settings - Used for some extra compatibility and game-specific fixes

; doHooking: Enable/disable hooks in Direct3D, with OpenGL hooks are always enabled

; doScaleMouseCoordinates: Scale mouse coordinates for getCursorPos to fix games which do not handle negative screen coordinates properly

; doScaleFromLeftScreen: Spread out mouse coordinates from left screen to full width

; doScaleWindowRects: Scale focus window WindowRect

; doScaleClientRects: Scale focus window ClientRect

; mouseXoffset: Number of pixels to offset mouse cursor position in X axis, to fix misplaced cursor due to negative screen coordinates. auto = use X resolution








; Triplehead screenmodes to add to resolutions list (width multiplied by three and border added)

; width x height x refresh rate in Hz

; 'auto' adds current primary monitor desktop resolution

; Must be last in this file








My SoftTH.log:


0.000 SoftTH: SoftTH v1.09 by Kegetys (D3D8)

0.000 SoftTH: Module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\d3d8.dll ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\LockOn.exe" )

0.016 SoftTH: Loading configuration C:\Users\Kevin\SoftTH.cfg

0.016 SoftTH: Loading configuration C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\SoftTH.cfg

0.234 SoftTH: sideExtraWidth autodetected as -368 (1680x1050 / 1280x1024)

0.250 SoftTH: Added auto resolution 1680x1050 60Hz

0.265 SoftTH: Activating Win32 hooks...

0.000 STHook: Hooks: Attached

0.312 SoftTH: Direct3DCreate8 (ver 220)

0.671 SoftTH: Adapter 0: nvd3dum.dll, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with SoftTH v1.09 by Kegetys (D3D8)

0.733 SoftTH: Adapter 1: nvd3dum.dll, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

0.796 SoftTH: Adapter 2: nvd3dum.dll, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

0.858 SoftTH: Added mode 3104x1024 f16

0.858 SoftTH: Added mode 4064x1024 f16

0.874 SoftTH: Added mode 4304x1024 f16

0.874 SoftTH: Added mode 4304x1050 f16

0.998 SoftTH:

1.014 SoftTH: Forcing process affinity (0x0F -> 0x0F)

1.030 SoftTH: CreateDevice 1024x768 0Hz 22bf 75df 0/0ms

1.030 SoftTH: Focus window: 'LOCK ON'

1.030 SoftTH: Requested mode 1024x768 not triplehead


1.045 SoftTH: 1 backbuffer(s): 1024x768

1.045 SoftTH: SwapEffect 1, PP Flags 00000000, Behaviour Flags 00000042

2.012 SoftTH: Storing function pointers...

2.044 SoftTH: Empty device reference count: 1

2.059 SoftTH: Standard mode: 1024x768

2.059 SoftTH: Releasing surfaces...

2.059 SoftTH: Releasing devices...

2.090 SoftTH: Video memory used: 3.00MB

2.122 SoftTH: InitStuff done

2.137 SoftTH: CreateDevice return (1024x768)

2.870 STHook: AUTO_MOUSE_OFFSET: 656

6.599 SoftTH: Added mode 3104x1024 f16

6.614 SoftTH: Added mode 4064x1024 f16

6.614 SoftTH: Added mode 4304x1024 f16

6.614 SoftTH: Added mode 4304x1050 f16

25.210 SoftTH:

25.210 SoftTH: Reset main device (4304x1050)

25.210 SoftTH: Releasing additional surfaces

25.225 SoftTH: copySurf: Releasing shaders & buffers...

25.225 SoftTH: Triplehead mode requested (4304x1050 0Hz), enabling TH

25.896 SoftTH: Reset OK

25.896 SoftTH: Creating additional device windows

25.912 SoftTH: Monitor left: -1280x0

25.912 SoftTH: Monitor right: 1680x0

25.927 SoftTH: Focus window: 1049674 'LOCK ON'

25.927 SoftTH: Creating window (pos -1280x0, size 1280x1024)

26.005 SoftTH: Creating window (pos 1680x0, size 1280x1024)

26.068 SoftTH: Creating device left..

26.536 SoftTH: Creating device right..

27.019 SoftTH: initStuff, Reset left device

27.144 SoftTH: initStuff, Reset left device done

27.144 SoftTH: Main device lost during right device initialization

27.160 SoftTH: WDDM workaround - Leaving main device to lost state

27.175 SoftTH: GetBackBuffer..

27.175 SoftTH: Creating additional surfaces

27.191 SoftTH: Create new backbuffer... (4304x1050, f22, ms0-0)

27.191 SoftTH: Creating depth buffer.. (4304x1050, f75 ms0-0)

27.191 SoftTH: Creating tmpTex (2624x1050, f22)...

27.207 SoftTH: Creating tmpSurfSH (2560x1024, f23)...

27.207 SoftTH: Creating tmpTexB (2560x1024, f23)...

27.207 SoftTH: Triplehead: cr: 1680x1050, sr: 1280x1024

27.238 SoftTH: Video memory used: 6.73MB

27.253 SoftTH: InitStuff done

27.253 SoftTH: copySurf: Initializing

27.253 SoftTH: Reset return main device (4304x1050)

27.269 SoftTH: numRefsFreeDevice: 7

27.269 SoftTH: Device destroyed (6 < 7)

27.269 SoftTH: Releasing copySurf...

27.269 SoftTH: copySurf: Releasing shaders & buffers...

27.269 SoftTH: Releasing all surfaces...

27.269 SoftTH: Releasing extra devices...

27.893 SoftTH: Destroying windows...

27.940 SoftTH: Release done

27.955 SoftTH:



My PC:


Win7 Ultimate 64-bit

8800GT (x2) Forceware 258.96 (tried 197.45 too)

1680x1050 cr, 1280x1024 sr (x2)




Any solution, greatly appreciated!

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I am using 3 displays without issue other than the Aspect Ratio had to be manually coded into the FC2 config. I am using the latest Nvidia Drivers as you are as well. Try not to use any other display software for the setup and depending on how large your 3 panels are, mine are set to 5760x1080 (1920x1080 times 3) and work perfectly. Let me know if you are still having issues and I will try and post my settings for you to model off of later.


I do not use anything but the basics (hardware and latest drivers) This works for FC2 and BS.:)

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