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Operation: Oil Lamp (Working Title) [Machinima]


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Hello all!


My name is Martin Kemp, and you may have seen me on the 104th server a few times by the name MartiUK.


I've had an idea about this film for a while and right now I need some help.


First I need 2 American voice actors/actresses for the promo I'm creating right now.


Then I will need more voice actors from different countries and maybe some multiplayer acting if I think it's good enough.


So... Here is the script for the promo, nice and easy. Do it all if you want and I'll split the two parts:



(Enter Blaze & Slider, in F15s full loadout) [sunrise, overcast above clouds]



Blaze: Hey Slider?

Slider: Yeah?

B: Ever wondered if this war will be over quickly like the last time they invaded Georgia?

S: Well the last time they didn't completely invade Georgia, only South Ossetia and Abkhazia.




(Cut to newsreel)




S: This time, it's for real. (Dramatic!)





If you want to change the callsigns of the 2 pilots you can (mine are a bit cliché) just remember to keep to the script.


Send your wav, mp3, flac .etc to m.kemp2910@gmail.com with the subject: OP OIL LAMP and I will email you back if I though it was good enough.


Tip: Make it as clear as possible!




Martin Kemp (MartiUK)

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