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Revival of Olympic opening ceremonies - Virtual Blue Impulse


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JASDF Blue Impulse 50th anniversary


In 2010, the JASDF Blue Impulse celebrate its 50th anniversary of foundation. Starting in 1960 with the F-86F Sabre, the young and motivated new squadron was ready to climp on new limits of their flight skills to build up a high quality program. In 1982, the switch the first time to another aircraft. The Mitsubishe T-2, an very elegant trainer jet, will be the new ride for the five demo pilots. Finaly, in 1996, they switched to the more dynamic and more agile trainer jet, the Kawasaki T-4. With also adding a 6th pilot to the group, they shaped up an gracefull and powerfull display, that slowly gets the attention of many other countries, out of Japan. Old days, like today's, they keep training around 5 days per week to be ready everytime, everywhere and in every wheater and terrain condition.


To honor all crew members, officers and supporters of the 4th Wing, 11th Squadron JASDF Blue Impulse, their friends of the Virtual Blue Impulse would like to dedicate their newest movie production to them.

This special video is the revival of the Olympic Opening flights in Tokyo 1964 and Nagano 1998.


Prepared in plenty of hours, flown each opening only once and recoded all material from these tracks, the Virtual Blue Impulse team presents the revivals of olympic opening ceremonies, flown from the JASDF Blue Impulse.


Tokyo 1964 / Nagano 1998




Movie by Reaper, VBI Cameramen & Server Administrator.






Edited by Sawamura
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