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Crashing upon loading a flight


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Okay, DCS Black Shark has been working fine until yesterday. Upon trying to load any flight, whether that is a "quick mission", campaign mission or through the editor the game crashes to the desktop. However upon showing the error message the game resumes back to the "Debriefing" menu. I have made no changes to my computer within this time span, and am a bit confused with why the problem is occurring.

I have noticed that right before the crash occurs the "Black Shark 1.0.2 Multiplayer" Icon appears. I have also tried to launch the Black Shark 1.0.2 Multiplayer, and the problem occurs upon launch.

I have included my DxDiag file, and the latest CRASH file. Relevant screen shots are also there to help.

I would appreciate any support you can provide me.


Matthew Farrow






CRASH file.txt

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I have the same problem.. By display driver do you mean graphics card driver?

Intel i7-950 @stock, Asus P6X58D-E, 3x4GB Corsair Vengeance, Asus GTX 580, Corsair 120GB SSD, Corsair HX 750W PSU


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