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smaller external viexs

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rather newbe i am, but when i go on external view, planes are too big on my monitor.I have to zoom out on every plane to get a descent view.

Is there a possibility to change some settings in some config files to diminue the external view size to my liking?

Thanks community:pilotfly:

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Yes there is, at least for the player flyable planes.

Not sure about the other views though.



Got to your install directory and go to;


Search the file for;



Try editing the value behind it and see what happens.

Am not sure it will work though, just a thought.


Also, always use Notepad++ to edit lua files. Normal notepad may corrupt them.

And ofcourse, make BACKUPs of any file you edit.


You can use the attached excel sheet to keep track of the changes you make.

(the file still contains some of my edited files so you have an example.)

modified files.rar

Edited by 159th_Falcon


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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