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SERVMAN Help with guys entering just to kill other friendly pilots!


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Hey pilots,


Scooter here from the 16th. We have been having some really fun guys come into our servers and start killing friendlies at will. I can kick them from the Multiplayer UI and I have their IPs and Login names on the SERVMAN log but I can't seem to permanently ban them. I have entered the info in the server config but these guys seem to be getting in nonetheless. Is anyone else having this problem?


I have read the instructions and I think I am missing something obvious. Can I get an example of a banned list from your config.


I get so aggravated that people would do this but I guess it is a small price to pay with so many other great pilots out there. My message to those that are doing this: Why not stop the antics and join us in coordinated ops and I promise, you will have more fun than just killing the pilots trying to complete the mission. If you want just IM me and we can chat about it and see about getting you trained up and back on the servers. :thumbup:

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Hi Scooter,


I haven't played with ServMan banning yet, but looking at the code, it seems you have to add something like:

names = name, ucid=ucid, ipaddrs=addr,comment=breason,active = true

Where you will have to fill in values after the equal signs, like

names = "<51>Case", ucid="0123456789ABCDEF", ipaddrs="",comment="General noob",active = true


At present I am not sure if the quotes are needed at all, but you can test this by banning someone through ServMan while he is on the server and see what is written to conf_banned.lua. See the /ban command here.


Let me know if it works. I'll try it later today myself.

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If you are able to ban someone in servman while they are on the server, they will be automatically added to the ban list. First type /players to get the player number. Then type /ban 5 for example.


If they have already left, look in the servman logs for their info and add it manually to the conf_banned.lua file. Make sure that you get the formatting right! Make a back up copy just in case. Pay special attention to the last entry as there is no "," used at the end of the entry.


You can update Servman after editing the file while the server is still running to include the new bans. Type /reinit


If you add them and include the Game ID number, they can't come back unless they buy a new copy of the game. Note, there is a different game ID number for FC2 and DCS:BS.


Any more help needed just ask.


Example file



local bantables = { 
[1] = { 
 comment = "Banned by  Crunch  05/29/10 05:58:40",
 active = true,
 ucid = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
 ipaddrs = "",
 names = "name1"
[2] = { 
 comment = "Intentional TK : 08/24/10",
 active = true,
 ucid = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
 ipaddrs = "",
 names = "name2"
return { bantables }

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