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How far can you place a launcher from Radar?


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I am just wondering with some of the SAM systems on the game whats the maximum you can place a Launcher from a Radar? I am thinking of making a mission where the Radar might be picked up miles away, but the launcher could be directly below you, giving you little time to react to launch.


Also is there somewhere i can find which launchers,radars and command vehicles must be used together to make a complete system and what the ranges for different SAM's are?



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I can't give you precise numbers, but we tried that already and it worked quite deadly -> Launchers close to estimated approach-path of AC, Radar far behind. The SPO-15 gave them a deadly false information about threat-distance! ;)


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Using the SA-6 for test and F-16 Blk 52 for target, as long as I kept the launchers withing the radar zone ( or close to it) of the tracking radar, launchers reacted. Keep in mind that launchers also react depending of distant to target.

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yes , SAM systems needs to be complete to work . example an Hawk won't work with only a TR unit or with only a SR unit . same for patriot and kub . the only one that can work alone is the buk but i think it needs to be set on elite or high (skill) .? and if that interests you , EWR (1L13 etc ..) don't affect the SAM ranges



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Ok again thanks for replies. Can anyone answe my earlier question about what makes a set out of launcher ,radars and command vehicles etc?


If you want to be safe, just go down the list and pick one of every unit that belongs to the particular SAM.


The drop down box tells the you the unit name and the SAM system it belongs to, so it looks like this:


xxxxx S-300/SA-10

yyyyy S-300/SA-10

zzzzz S-300/SA-10


Just put at least one of everything that belongs to the desired SAM on the map. The abreviations are:


SR - Search radar (only need 1)

TR- Track radar (only need 1)

LN - Launcher (put more than 1)


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You can find russian air defence doctrines on the web. I had the same question and started googlei


ng tactics.

the old systems like SA3 are fixed.. newer ones SA6 SA10(needs aprox 1h to be ready and in game is a fixed one) SA11 are mobile. In the real battle space you will find the the SR and CC modules close enough guarded by SA19s. The TELARs are about 20-30 km out from the CC. Usualy TELARs are guaded by SA9s and zsu23#


when is was trying to get this layer upon layer air defence implemented useing the realistic templates i had my hand full....it isnt for the faint harted to take on...



Try placeing the sa11 SR and CC 1km apart... look at the range of the SR.. place the TELARs in a way that the range on them overlaps theSR range and maybe 15% out...


this way you will get an airdefnce where if the RWR tels you about the track.... you will be shot down in a few sec.... DEADLY!!!!!


for incraced kill have the SR on a high point... and keep the lunchers (TELAR) in villages

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