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SIM mod A-10A model


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Hello all.


I recently installed a model back that contains a Su-27, F-15 and A-10 3D model update.


The Su-27 and F-15 work fine. The A-10 is transparent.


The pack I downloaded is located here:





Anyone know how to fix this issue?



The mod also brought about another issue. I can now see through the ground when panning my camera... any way to fix this?

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Which one did you download, the one from LockOnFiles or my version?



Your version.


Installed with modman 7.2 for FC 2.


Then I tried to install it manually. Same results.


I am on Vista 64 bit... will modman/the mod work on this OS?


Even if I can just restore my old model, that will be great. Better than a transparent plane.

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Hmm, very peculiar, this is the first time anyone has had an issue with my repack.


Could you check the graphics.cfg file for the following entries:


common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\a-10-bmp.cdds";

common = ".\\Bazar\\World\\a-10-tga.cdds";


if they aren't present, it may account for your A-10A looking transparent.

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I have the following here


C:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\LockOn Flaming Cliffs 2\Bazar\World




a-10-bmp.cdds 106MB or so


a-10-tga.cdds 10MB or so


Ok, now check your graphics.cfg file in Notepad:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\LockOn Flaming Cliffs 2\Config


and look to see if these entries are there (highlighted):



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try updating to 7.3

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