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Combat Tactics


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This is one of those subjects that noone will ever be able to read enough about, because there'll always be that one little bit of information that might save your bacon when things get messy in the mud.


Theres countless documents and threads across the internet with regards to aircraft operation procedures and instruments, but very little to cover using it for its intent, a mean mother!@£$%^ hog with a mean mother!@£$%^& snout!


So I'd like to use this thread as a repository for all the different resources you've read throughout your time as a groundpounder (simming or in RL!), that have helped you out on the battlefield. I know I've spent too many hours sifting the useful from the useless, and maybe someone like me will benefit from a thread like this, giving us all one good place to come and brush up on our skills.


I'll list the ones that I know to start with, and update with any that you guys post!


Before anyone starts ranting that any of these are outdated or what have you, remember, while the whole article may not be relevant, there will always be some useful information that remains pertinent to any aircraft, be it chucking rocks out of a paper biplane or firing a laser from the deathstar!


With that out of the way, here we go!



-A-10A/C Combat Tactics-


Hog Basics: RAF Bentwaters Tactics Guide - 1982 - Andy Bush - A great guide which highlights many useful topics, such as formations, navigation and attack strategies.


Mavericks, Rockets, and the Gun - Air To Mud Shooting In The Hog - Andy Bush - Some of these tactics will change with the new C Hog, but a lot of the skills will remain, such as ingress and spotting tactics.


CCIP Bombing in the A-10A - Andy Bush - Again, written for LOMAC but there is some interesting reading that might be of some use to us!


Combat Mission Planning Considerations, Part One - Initial Planning

Combat Mission Planning Considerations, Part Two - Ingress, Attack, and Egress - Andy Bush - Fantastic in depth look at mission planning.


Air To Ground Basics - Bombing

Air To Ground Basics - Bombing, Part Two

Air To Ground Basics, Part Three - Rockets and Guns - Andy Bush - Great 3 part introduction to basic ground pounding theory and practice.


Flankertraining Rich 'Ironhand' Sorochak's fabled website, covering a great deal of subjects for LOMAC and general theory alike.


Fixed Wing CAS Tactics - Interesting and very in depth overview of CAS operations and procedures.


Close Air Support - Fas.org document outlining CAS in great depth.

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Possibly, it might be good to keep them apart IMO, as I say, there is a huge amount of information in the form of procedural and operational documentation, mainly pertinent to basic aircraft operation.


Over time I'd like to see this thread develop to something of similar substance, but relating purely to tactics and theory.

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Now, this is a thread which didn't get the attention it deserved. Too early and in the old forum structure is my guess as to why.


Well done gathering all those in one place! Could be a sticky IMO.


I'd be interested in more discussion on the subject of battlefield tactics, as applied within DCS:A-10. For starters, we have the mission generator missions, which is what I end up flying quite often when just learning and wanting a quick bit of flying done. You're all alone, have no real briefing (I consider checking target locations on the mission map to be on the wrong side of my personal realism threshold - takes the challenge out of it), and no one to talk you onto targets. The scenario is not too likely in a real world context, I guess, but - how do you deal with it?

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The generated missions normally have at least one JTAC, seem to be on 131 MHz. That's probably the most realistic way of acquiring targets in those scenarios, but the complete lack of a briefing is pretty unrealistic in itself so I don't have any qualms about checking the map for targets.


Unfortunately opening the mission in the editor results in a bunch of whining about the default frequency it assigns... if it wasn't for that, I'd suggest using the mission editor to check out the locations and waypoints for enemy forces (and possibly friendly forces, too), and sketching yourself a quick and rough map. Not too detailed, just enough so you have a few landmarks and an idea of where to look for key enemy assets - mostly armor and air defense.

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There are some excellent reference books about CAS, JTACs and the Warthog.

I can recommend:-

The Warthog and the Close Air Support debate - Douglas N Campbell

Beyond Close Air Support - RAND

Danger Close Tactical Air Controllers in Afghanistan and Iraq - Steve Call

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