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New A-10 Mission: Urban Thunder

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Your task is to destroy several IFVs in a contested city. I tried to include some limited CAS ROEs to make things more interesting.

I tried to keep the mission setup realistic and atmospheric.


Difficulty should be medium. Read the briefing carefully and make some planing on the map and you should be fine. Designed without labels.




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Thanks for the mission. And many thanks for not classifying it. I just converted it to a MP mission and will give it a try. I stuck by the briefing for armament, but will also have one of us flying FAC with smoke rockets. Fly in pairs!

Dusty Rhodes


Play HARD, Play FAIR, Play TO WIN


Win 7 Professional 64 Bit / Intel i7 4790 Devils Canyon, 4.0 GIG /ASUS Maximus VII Formula Motherboard/ ASUS GTX 1080 8 GB/ 32 Gigs of RAM / Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog / TrackIR 5 / 2 Cougar MFD's / Saitek Combat Pedals/ DSD Button Box FLT-1

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Excellent mission mbot, really enjoyed it. Loved the feel of taxiing around a real working airbase, mostly statics but adding those nicely timed moving vehicles gave the feel of those transport aircraft actually offloading M-1's and LAV's. Realistic ROE forcing me to run the gauntlet of ground fire plus realistic loadout - nice, and I just made it back to a tricky single engine, no working rudders bumpy landing..........




Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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