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LOCKON went fubar on me!!!


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Hello everyone,


I am having this problem. It has been approx. 4 days now. I have not been able to play LOMAC what so ever; it started this way.


1. Start the game up and Pick a mission

2. After picking the mission the game loads.

3. Games loaded and the "pause" display is up.

4. I unpause the game to start.

5. Comp randomly shuts down and reboots.

!!!! Dont know what it was so I reinstalled LOMAC. (mind you this is the only game with the problem.)


*After reinstalling LOMAC I cleaned the registry and reinstalled dx drivers and whatnot for a clean start.


Sequence after follows.


1. I start the game.

2. In the desktop tray I see LOMAC

3. I hear the Jetwash from the start of the game.

4. Nothing comes up.

5. Nothing is there completely as if I never clicked on it.




I honestly have no problems with any other game except lomac as of this time. I havent had a problem with lomac prior and I dont understand what the problem is. If someone could help I would be much obliged.



Thank you,


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The Nvidia 71.89 drivers cause reboots with LOMAC and the 6XXX cards


. . . . or, check here:




Try the MBM voltage check drill first. If any of your buss voltages (rails) drop too low, your computer may think it has lost a component (like a Vcard?) and just shut down. LOMAC is a load like your system has never seen! Power supplys have been fixing stuff lately. Something to try anyway.

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Oddly the Motherboard voltages are fine; the other awkward incident is that I never got that far into playing the game. I checked and reinstalled my dx drivers; I havent touched my vid card drivers and hopefully that isnt it...lets hope


here is my comp specs.

Asus P4C800E

Ram 1.5gb

CPU p4 3.2E

Video Card - gf fx 6800ultra OC

sound - Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS (internal)

PSU - Stealth 520 Watt

2 Hd's



hopefully it isnt the power because that means it sucking away at a comp that has a lot of it..

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Ok I rolled the drivers back to 71.84 to give it a shot. Game works perfect now.


This is by far the most confusing thing ever...never before has a driver messed with only one of my games.



Thanks for the resources and help DS.





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Yup. LOMAC’s real finicky about what goes on with “its” box. I had a freezing problem with mine and UBI tech support insisted that I unplug my CDRW drive. That wasn’t it, (they never did fix my problem) but it made as little sense as a video driver shutting down a computer, with only one program, like someone pulled the plug. Go figure! Glad you’re back on the road again.

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