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How make my plane start together AI's plane?

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Hello to all,

I'm new on the game and want to ask you guys:


I have created a mission where 2 Tornados start from parking area in Raznoldoe airfield. I placed my plane (a Mig29) to start at the same time from parking area.


As a result, I'm having only my plane displayed on screen. Only, after I taxi and take off, the Tornados appear and start their taxing and take off procedure.


How can I do to put me and AI's airplane start taxing at the same time?




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So.. you mean there is no way I could see 2 air groups in transit in an airfield?

In the same way, if a set a bomber like a Tu142 and want to place 2 fighters to escort him, I'm not going to have the 3 airplanes taxing and then taking off in sequence?

It is a pitty the game doesnt have this feature....

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Hi all and Pancho.


In the mission editor, at the bottom right there is a box with times in it. Have you tried adjusting those times? You may be able to set the times and where the aircraft take off(airfield or parking) to get the effect you are wanting. -KILSEK


FWIW, there are LOMAC/FC1.1 can do alot of things with the ME you are wanting, you just have to play with it to figure it out.

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Yes! I have just figure out that if a create an air group, I can designate different flights with different tasks on it.


So, imagine ... Airgroup RUS01 composed of 2 flights, each one with 2 pilots (2xTu142 + 2xMig29). Great! I can place all of them to start 12:00h from an airfield and I assign me as one of the Mig29s!!!! So I start taxing and taking off together with AI's plane.


Now, I would like to discover is there is a way to place a bomber like a Tu142, escorted by 2 F15s!!! You know... A multinational group.


If I try to do so, it is impossible. Lockon1.1 only allows groups by nation. If I have a russian airgroup, all the flights must be russian.


So, the only way is to create 2 different groups, the american and the russian. The problem is that Lockon1.1 seems to not accept two different groups taxing and taking off simultaneously, even if you adujst time.... You have your first group taking off, and only after that, the airplanes of the second group appear on screen and start the taxing and taking off procedure.


It is a little bit frustrating for me. Sure, anyone knows a way to make a multinational airgroup?


Thanks people!

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Dont think it can be done Pancho.


All I can think of is that you could choose two airfields that are very close, eg Krasnodar-Central and Krasnodar-Pashlovskiy. Have the Russian bomber take off from one base and the escort fighters from the other.

It is easier if you are in the escort group, you just go as fast as you need to join with the bomber and then follow his course, your winman will stick with you. It is more tricky to do with both bomber and escort being AI planes, you will have to experiment with placing the waypoints so they follow the same course, play with the takeoff time, etc. to get them to join up and be flying close but I think it could work.


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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Yes, Brit.

And maybe, using clock adjustments, as Kilsek suggested, may allow fighters to join bombers more precisely.

The idea of using two close airfields seems to be a good way.

Thank you all for the answers.

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