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PROTX payment accepted but no download option

Jex TE

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I order this today, and payment has been accepted, but on the Lockon.ru website it says I have payed for nothing and I cannot download flaming cliffs.


My emails is:












Your order from The Fighter Collection has been successful


The unique reference for this transaction is: TXNQEOGCK97ZOUIOTR




Dear PeterAylett


Thank you for your order. Your payment has been processed successfully.


Thank you for purchasing our product


Please quote your order number TXNQEOGCK97ZOUIOTR in all correspondence with either The Fighter Collection or Protx.





Order total: 29.00 USD

Card used: Visa - Barclays Bank Debit Classic - Ending:081 - Attempt:1

You bought: LOCK ON 1.1 - Flaming Cliffs


Item Quantity Cost Tax Item Tot. Line Total


LOCK ON 1.1 - Flaming Cliffs 1 $29.00 $29.00






Billing Address:





If you have any questions regarding your order, delivery details or items purchased, please contact The Fighter Collection directly at webmaster@lockon.ru.


This payment was processed by Protx, a third-party payment service provider. If you have any questions regarding the online card payment system, contact protx at: support@protx.com


Please be aware that Protx has no involvement with the fulfilment of orders placed through this web site. If you have any issues regarding your order please contact The Fighter Collection directly.




Copyright Protx Ltd 2004

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