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[OT] Eye in the sky

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I didn't know the Israelis were training at Nellis...




and from the camo scheme it's clear that they're F-15I






In the same Nellis "overflight" you could notice tons of aircraft parked on its tarmac. There are Tornados, F-111s (Australian), aggressors... it's amazing you could notice not only the aircraft type, but also its camo scheme. another good example it's here, at Fallon NAS (home of the Naval Fighter Weapons School, aka Top Gun)




and here you see how the same camos of F-15 look different due to weathering




I love these things!

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Guest ThomasDWeiss

That's the same skin I use to fly the Israeli F-15 - a great one! Those screenshots of the F-15 are very good, thanks! :)

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