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Question on Mav lockon


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OK I have been doing the tutorials as well as looking in the manual. No real problems. Was able to do everything the flight instructor asked.


Here is the question I have.


I find it much easier to just locate the target through the targeting pod, then point my camera at it, track it and slave everything to that point. I then go into the maveric camera and slave the maveric camera to that exact point. However it does not lock on , even pointing directly at it. What I have to do then is to move the maveric camera around a little to get a lock. Is there a way to get a lock on it, with the maveric camera looking directly at the target without slewing? Because I really dont have to slew since target is right in the middle of the crosshairs.

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Yeah I only found out that you could lock it using TMS UP Short a few days ago. Before then I was doing it exactly as you described it, which works but isn't that easy.

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Um there shouldn't be TMS Up/Down....


Corresponds with the position on the Hog-stick. It does not move forward/aft, but rather Up or Down. Rather confusing at times :)

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