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AI Weapons Jettison


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I was playing a mission last night and I had sent the wingman in to attack some targets. I heard him do "SAM launch, engaged defensive". He survived. A bit later I ordered him to attack tanks at my SPI, he replied "Copy" started his run and then would "rejoin" without firing anything. This happened several times until I thought.....hrmmm maybe he doesnt have any weapons.


F2 to his plane and yup, he had jettisoned stores.


Question: If wingie goes "engaged defensive" does he ALWAYS jettison his stores? Just wondering for future reference if I hear him say that then he will probably have no weapons. I know that this is probably something for a wish list, but I would like a command to get the wingies to tell me what ordinance they have left. It is hard to remember with say a 4 ship flight....who has what left....or if he jettisoned weapons. Don't want to have to do the F2 thingy to see what they have left.

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