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recovering missions i lose fps!!!!

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hi all,

i noticed that every time i recover a mix, i lose fps , so after 5-6 restart i have to close lomac and reload it.

is this an everybody's problem??? has sameone a different solution for this problem??? may same one explain me why this problem occurs??


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I have a similar problem. I don't experience FPS loss but loading times increase multiple times.. At first, the mission might load in about 30 seconds but after I fly the same mission a few more times it loads slower and slower. In the end, the loading times are ridicilously long (like 3-5 minutes) so I'd like to know if anyone experienced this and what is their solution.. I have 1 GB of RAM..

i386DX40@42 MHz w/i387 CP, 4 MB RAM (8*512 kB), Trident 8900C 1 MB w/16-bit RAMDAC ISA, Quantum 340 MB UDMA33, SB 16, DOS 6.22 w/QEMM + Win3.11CE, Quickshot 1btn 2axis, Numpad as hat. 2 FPH on a good day, 1 FPH avg.


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