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Push 9-2 - Win Trigger


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There is a supply convoy that is required to be destroyed in this mission for a successful completion. I've killed this convoy twice so far without any completion. I've looked at the ME and can't see any reason why the trigger doesn't function as it should.


I'm pretty sure I'm killing the right units as well, there are 5 stationery trucks at WP4 on a road entering a small area of buildings.

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I have this as well.

Campaign: Georgian Hammer

Mission: Push 9-2-0

Objective: Interdiction logistics


Been trying this for a while, and haven't been able to continue. Seems win trigger somehow doesn't work.


Edit: Oddly though, just played the mission as a single mission outside the campaign, and it seemed to work and gave me 100%. Although no message.


Edit 2 :) : This time after completing 9-1-0, it jumped straight to 10-1. So at last i'm past that phase.

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