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TM Couger Throttle (wanted)


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Dude your in luck! I just happen to have one (like new)

But it currently resides in the US





pm for details

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I have the Cougar stick, throttle and Elite Rudder Pedals.


I am in Pennsylvania US. Let me know if your are interested ... PM me.


I want to get the Warthog Hotas.



Kiezer are you still interesting in obtaining the Cougar?

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Might be a long shot but I am looking for either the full TM Couger Hotas or just the throttle unit, shipped to the UK.


Can be working or not working so long as its a good price ;)



I've got a Cougar Throttle going, how much you prepared to pay for it?

It is fully working and in excellent condition. Boxed as new.

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