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The Patriots Jet Team (2011) Wants YOU!!


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That's right aero-philes and addicts, the Patriots Jet Team based in sunny Byron, California wants you! 2011 marks a new step forward moving from four jets to six and the real team can't do it without your help! In order to better stream line the creation of the six-ship show routine the real Patriots Jet Team have enlisted the help of their virtual counterparts to practice and record proposed show routines to be reviewed and evaluated in team meetings and give them a head start before one liter of JP8 is turned into beautiful, expensive, thrust!


As the real team is increasing its roster so shall we. In order to meet this new challenge we are looking for formation aerobatic pilots who want be part of the flying squad. We're not looking for secretaries, ground crew, PR men, or a wicked aircraft modeler, if you've wanted to be a flying member of a virtual squad from day one, this is your chance. Not only will accepted new members be part of the 2011 six-ship demo, performing live at VFAT and elsewhere, they will also be directly involved in giving feedback to their real life counterparts and have a part in shaping airshow history!


Ready for something new and exciting to test your precision skills as a pilot? Tired of application forms and resume submissions? Don't want to join a team as a backup pilot? Our newly created flying slots are open and our tryout is simple. We care about the flying.




To tryout for the team simply log onto the Berkuts’ phantom server and record a track of your flying. Flying on wing. We’ll accept candidates who specialize on one wing or the other (we all do to some extent). But those that can’t fly a half-way decent wing position need not apply. We will not train new personnel, the Berkuts’ phantom server provides all the training you will need.


The Berkuts Phantom Server can be found in the FC2 server list or by direct IP:

We have two additional requirements that further aid in getting the best flying result.

  • Candidate must be living in North America (for internet connection speed reasons)
  • Candidate should be over 18

The second requirement is less of a requirement and more of a guideline. While some of our eldest members are among our most immature, when it comes time to get down we all have our game faces on, no excuses.


Also in a rare exception to our usual protocol we will also be accepting any formation pilots currently on teams that would like to lend a temporary hand until the real team has the show laid down. Confidentiality is available if required. Experienced pilots can also skip the Berkuts track submittal if a previous video or VFAT live performance is available to showcase your mad skills.





Become a part of history, work with real formation aerobatic jet pilots and have a great time in the process! The Patriots website has a gallery of photos from air show events the team has performed at and some that we have attended. Also, videos of both, the real team and the virtuals, are located at the bottom. We look forward to hearing from all interested candidates.


Send all tryout tracks via email to the following address and I will respond in a timely manner: burner@virtualpatriots.com

or visit



Thank You and Good Luck,


#3 Left Wing





Click images for full-resolution.








Real & Virtual

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