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Possible New Black Shark Owner/User, Has Questions


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Thought I would reference this old post.




Answer his question as far as DCS: A-10C Warthog is concerned and ask 3 questions I need to know before purchasing DCS: Black Shark.


My CH Products Trilogy is currently the Fighterstick USB, Pro Throttle USB and Pro Pedals USB.


I do not have the helicopter sim, yet. I did buy the A-10C Warthog about 2 months ago. I did not do any betas for it or LockOn.


It took me about a month to figure out how to work KonKuSSion's CH .map profile and the CH Control Manager to work properly on my PC. I do not know about Black Shark, but Warthog has CH controllers pre-mapped into its OPTIONS. They have to be cleared and reset. Also the joystick folder under Saved Games has to be completely emptied. I only emptied the full sim joystick folder. Then using Kon's .map profile I can use his controller setup through the CH Control Manager 1st, map them in OPTIONS, then independently use them in GAME mode or also in full SIM mode. It works for me.


I asked questions to the DCS: Warthog forums. But I had to figure it out on my own, with a couple of leads from forums.



My questions are:


(1) How do I map the collective in DCS: Black Shark to my CH gear?


(2) Can I play DCS: Black Shark on the Warthog servers online?


(3) Can I play DCS: Warthog on the Black Shark servers online?


Amazon.com has the game for purchase in the boxed editions, but I did buy Warthog online to the England site and did the 3 downloads off the Russian HTTP download site. Oddly, the USA mirror site kept locking up. I figured most everybody was asleep in Russia when I downloaded it.


Thanks for any help,




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Well I don't know about CH but mapping but my cougar to the exceedingly easy as I just made a custom program to map each button to the correct keypress combination.


For the collective just map it to your throttle, the actual throttle on the helicopter should only be moved during startup and landing or if you get into an emergency.


You can currently not play the game on warthog servers (or the other way around), but there are plans to patch the game with the upgraded engine for Warthog and by doing so hopefully get online compatibility as well.


I would buy the game from steam if I were you, that's in my opinion the far easiest way to keep your games.

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