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Can't remove cockpit scratches. Grey textures appear instead.

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Hello guys,


I've always used THIS MOD to remove cockpit scratches. However, I've just done a fresh installation of the game and installed the same mod. The problem now is that all I have are greyish textures instead of the cockpit glass and besides from the outside the cockpit glass is transparent.


Is it possible to fix this problem? I didn't change anything on my system. I just did a fresh O.S install and have installed the game a few minutes ago. :(


I am attaching two Screenshots to illustrate the problem.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:






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It appears that this is the game's way of trying to get you to play A-10C instead of bothering around with the A-10A in LOFC2.


Also, did you try reinstalling the game, it might fix the issue.

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