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3rd Mouselook Mode


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DCS Black Shark had a 3rd mouselook mode that allowed you to pan your view around the cockpit AND click switches, instead of just being able to do one or the other.


I've been waiting, mostly quietly, for any news about the reintroduction of this feature in the A-10C but I haven't heard a thing about it.


Why isn't it here? Do others really find it completely useless? In Black Shark it is the only mouse look mode I use. Can I really be the only one?


And yes, before anyone asks, I have TrackIR. But no, I don't always use it. Call me crazy, sometimes I climb in either the Ka-50 and the A-10C armed with nothing but a mouse and keyboard and I likes it. I just don't like having to hit a key to mouse look to a switch, hit the key again to be able to click it, then hit it a third time to be able to look around again. I have mouselook toggle bound to spacebar so it's front and center, but still pretty frustrating compared to the ease of using the mouse in Black Shark.

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I must also admit, I really miss the additional mouse-look mode from Black Shark. I also own a TrackIR and know what you mean - I've tried to love it but I still feel more comfortable using the mouse to look around.


I would love to see the 3rd mouselook mode enabled if it is buried somewhere in the DCS: A-10C code.

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AFAIK there was a compatibility issue with some details of the cockpit.


Rud, if you have a multi-button mouse you might perhaps be able to re-map a button on it (possibly through profiler, if necessary).


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