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New Video Card for my Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard?

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Depends how many monitor(s) you want to run, and what resolution.


IMHO, GTX 580 has most stable drivers and support from Nvidia. ( Nvidia Inspector has ready made profiles for DCS! SLI as well!!)


If you intend Multi Monitors, look for plenty of Vram. More than 2Gb for MM. Many run MM (x 3) on ATI with 2Gb RAM. I believe 3Gb to be optimum in MM. But then I would say that since mines a GTX 580 3Gb Palit:thumbup:


A10c will use plenty of Vram as soon as you go MM. I run a 24" Samsung as main camera and have HawgTouch on a 19" Acer. I can see 2.2Gb Vram useage with all settings maxed.


Also if you do go SLI or Eyefinity, remember the total amount of Vram is only equal to the Vram on one card. ( x2 GTX 580 @ 3 Gb = 3 Gb!)


Hope this helps.

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There are very few games that require more than 512m of frame buffer ATM. For me, I'll move to some new generation of cards a good while before anything approaching 3gb of VRAM is actually needed for how I run. If saving a bit of cash is important, and I well realize that this isn't true for everyone, GTX 480 SLI is an immense amount of rendering power with a small degree of complication.


Disclaimer: You need a strong, modern PSU to run these babies comfortably. :thumbup:

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