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To those who have trouble with sli

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I have some trouble with my sli .

Sometimes when i update the drivers, It stop working just show Physx in Nvidia Controll panel

I know most of you already know this but the majority of the people dont know this . I have look in the forums at Nvidia and it is hard to find any info on this so here is a link to a program that will enable sli :




And the post is#5412 Slipatch 1.42



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CPU:Intel Core i7 3930K 3.2GHz

Ram:16 gb

Grafik :GTX 680 Sli

Win 7 64 bit

1200 W

2 ssd 120 gb

1 2 TB western Digital Caviar Green

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thanks, not for now but future seem to be this way for me.

HaF 922, Asus rampage extreme 3 gene, I7 950 with Noctua D14, MSI gtx 460 hawk, G skill 1600 8gb, 1.5 giga samsung HD.

Track IR 5, Hall sensed Cougar, Hall sensed TM RCS TM Warthog(2283), TM MFD, Saitek pro combat rudder, Cougar MFD.

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