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Operation Sea Hunt - Coop 8

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Hello again all!


I dont want to hear any crapola about it... I got another canyon job for you.


Russian forces have performed a nighttime landing and are proceeding up a narrow canyon to seize control of a weapons development plant.


You are tasked with stopping them.





1 - Clear your "SAM" targets at the landing area

2 - Proceed quickly to steerpoints 6 - 11 and search for enemy armor going up the valley towards the "DEFEND" steerpoint (shown below)

3 - When valley is clear, go back to landing area and mop up the rest of the enemy.




The enemy must not be allowed to take this facility... your A-10 flight is tasked with a Fast-Launch first strike to slow the enemy until other support can get on station.


Now get to your planes... your ground crew has prepped your aircraft for immediate takeoff.

Operation Sea Hunt.miz



i7 8700K @ 4.4Ghz, 16G 3200 RAM, Nvidia 1080Ti, T16000 HOTAS, TIR5, 75" DLP Monitor

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