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Manual Cords. Marking?


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Im doing a single player mission and I was given the instructions to attack a Launcher reported at "MGRS 38T MN 41135 80457" but I have NO idea how to set a marker at that location.


I do know to use Right TMS S on my TAD to set markers, but how do I slew my TAD cursor to that cords. or even know where that cords is???


p.s. This message did not come through JTAC, custom mission.

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I belive you have to use the CICU to input them. I am not at my puter at the moment but from memory you have to turn the dials to Steer and ?. I know both will be point straight forward. Then click on the "waypoint" button and th "L/L" and it will change to MS or something. You then click on the next available waypoint button and then input the MN 41135 80457 without the spaces using the keypad on the CICU like this MN113580457 then click on the button on the left I believe second from the bottom. Then switch your steerpont to the one you input and you should be ready to go. Hope this helps

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