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Flight without HOTAS yoke?

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Navigate to your SP GUI/Options/Controls screen - keyboard keypresses are listed.

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Does it have a hat switch?


I only have one hat switch on my stick, but i use it for all the HOTAS functions by mapping a modifier.


On the base of my stick I have 12 buttons. So one is the modifier for Slew, one for TMS, one for DMS, etc.


Without a modifier my hat switch is Trim.


It works fine, as long as you remember which modifier is which.

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Here's a link that might be insteresting for that stick:



Our very own Nate exposes how underequipped he is, but also how genius he is with making it work. (I was literally in awe when I saw it. :) )


The key thing here is to NOT think of a given command as that command. This will mean you have to map five billion different commands and there is no connector on the planet that will let you do this. What you should instead do is think of them as DMS/TMS/CMS/etc, and then learn what they do in a given circumstance and a given command length. This will allow you to map up to a theoretical 40 commands onto the same hat, and 40 again to Hat+modifier button. (Caveat: each of the hats on a real won't go that high, but that's the general idea.)


The manual section about cockpit controls, specifically HOTAS, has the details.


EDIT: My bad, didn't see the "yoke" part... >.<

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