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Refuelling+AFAC+AWACS issues


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Can someone please explain to me how to properly input Refueling, AFAC and AWACS into multiplayer missions without problems arising. Currently, I have the following main concerns: all of the aircraft would be taxiing and taking off if I launched the mission with just myself in the game - if there are more people, the aircraft would just not taxi, but rather eventually start to 'stutter' themselves on the taxiway in what looks like no more of a foot a minute; the other problem I have is that when the aircraft fly to their orbiting area, they will either orbit a few times and then just fly straight in a random direction, or they will simply pass the orbiting area without doing a single turn and carry on until they disappear off of the map; the very last problem is that I cannot seem to get any feedback from any of these aircraft, even though they are capable of being contacted (with the correct frequencies being tuned into as well).


It would be highly appreciated if someone was to give me a step-by-step guide into how these aircraft should be input into the missions, and what should and shouldn't be done to avoid problems as such described above.


Thank you very much in advance :)

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