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Where to buy??


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Hi guys i live in northwest uk, by chester, im looking for retailers that sell cliffs of dover but no one has it !!!

Any idea what retailers are selling this?

Thx rextar!

Intel i5 3.2 ghz

8 GB crucial ram

gtx 660 superclocked 2gb

500watt corsair psu

win7 64bit

extreme pro

track ir5

Turtle beach x12

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Sorry dont know..


But two little (offtopic) hints:


1) Its not easy to find out what you are looking for, so better put that in the thread's title ..


2) There already is a COD thread, so better post there. You will reach more people that may help you.

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Will be steam....not steam yet.

HaF 922, Asus rampage extreme 3 gene, I7 950 with Noctua D14, MSI gtx 460 hawk, G skill 1600 8gb, 1.5 giga samsung HD.

Track IR 5, Hall sensed Cougar, Hall sensed TM RCS TM Warthog(2283), TM MFD, Saitek pro combat rudder, Cougar MFD.

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