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КА-50 Черная Акула new weapon list

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so here the new list real helicopter

C-24B Heavy

C-8 Seris

C-13 Medieum

C-25OFM Heavy

R-73 AA Prototype Demo KA-50

9A172 Vikir eariler version Demo KA-50

9A172M Vikir-M later version Standard

KMDG dispenser bombs

FAB-250 / 500

UPK-23 gun pods


so far that list

alot them are working


R-73 is working but trying so able lock by useing IT-23 or Mark 1 eyesight or helemt mouted sight HMS.


also add: there rumors about the newely updated KA-50 now able use KAB-500kr

not sure but do more research.

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dont know how many times i had shoot down my wingman keep testing make sure R-73 is surely ready but ended back to drawing board..


KAB-500kr still looking into it if indeed the updated KA-50 does use this i start implenting that in list aswell..


this take some time in my spare time that is..be patenit ok ^ ^

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