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Half on topic, half off my rocker

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So I will connect this by way of Input because I need my PS3 Eye cam to work so I can have an input to use (hopefully) with Face track.


Now... my question is about the drivers for the PS3 Eye Camera, my flight rig does not have an internet connection, so therefore I can not install the latest CL-Eye drivers, now I am trying to track down the most recent version of the driver that did work as a standalone installer.


So... I hope :helpsmilie:that someone might have a copy of the driver (hopefully version v4.0.1.0217 if it is standalone) laying around their desktop somewhere (figuratively of course) and somehow may feel inclined to upload it for a 6DOF starved Hawg pilot!


PS I have posted at the CL Eye forum, but that place may as well be a ghost town.

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perhaps you could track it down from the source you're posting from now?

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