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X52 PRO - Throttle limited? Help a noob day

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Hey guys,


First post and already I'm whinning and squirming for help.


So, here's the thing. I've got a Saitek X52 Pro and I'm happy with it. I'd love to have a TM WH but can't really afford it atm.


Thing is: I can't max out throttle output in DCS A-10. Although when I test it in both the control panel, the Saitek config program and DCS A-10's options it runs the full range. When I try it ingame core engine pressure won't go past 93% at full throttle and the animated throttle on the cockpit won't go all the way up...am I missing something here?


Could be that I need to set up something...well...help a noob day, please? :D




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It's not a problem with the hardware, that's the way the engine is actually simulated. They said it maxes out at like 85% thrust or something like that. Do a quick forum search, I believe it's been mentioned several times.



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