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Is there documenation for the SnapViews.lau file?


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Meaning what view each table entry is for.


For example the HUD I believe is 11/6 -


Snap[11][6] = {}

Snap[11][6]["viewAngle"] = 28

Snap[11][6]["x_trans"] = 0.36

Snap[11][6]["hAngle"] = 0

Snap[11][6]["y_trans"] = -0.041336805555555564

Snap[11][6]["rollAngle"] = 0

Snap[11][6]["vAngle"] = -8.5

Snap[11][6]["z_trans"] = 0


Is there a mod wiki for this sim?

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The Number in bold is the snapview number with 13 being the default view in cockpit.


Snap[11][13] = {}

Snap[11][13]["y_trans"] = Up/Down position

Snap[11][13]["x_trans"] = FWD/Back position

Snap[11][13]["hAngle"] = Up/down tilt

Snap[11][13]["viewAngle"] = FOV

Snap[11][13]["vAngle"] = Left/right tilt?

Snap[11][13]["rollAngle"] = Roll angle

Snap[11][13]["z_trans"] = left/right position



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Save yourself the work and get a TrackIR 4 or 5 with a Pro Clip (if you can afford it if not make it a goal) you'll never go back!




While I am sure Track IR is indeed the "be all and end all" of flight sim equipment. I find it a little disappointing how often questions are answered this way. I have seen similar comments with regard to the TM Warthog. Telling someone not to bother figuring something out but rather spend (a significant of) money is hardly useful.


Even if I had Track IR, I think I would still find it usefull to be able to understand and modify the Snapviews.lua file.


No offense intended, just an observation.

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