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Thanks m8 will defiantly use it for my CDU tutorial, I needed a mission with offset calls and jtac. Great :thumbup:




Hope it works...


BTW... Your mark point tute is on my iPad... Great stuff.




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"Operation: Bull by the Horns" "Bull Run 2.0"

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I flew this mission.


NICE for Offset/Bullseye training.


I strafed one of those SA-13's after my CBU-97 missed it barely and it never shot back..

The second SA-13 I also bombed with CBU - it didn't shoot back either..


Here's a picture from my TACVIEW - my altitude AGL was a bit over 1700 meters, that's about 5500-6000 feet or so...

(i'm dropping flares, just as a precaution :) )


As you can see, i'm well inside the "bubble" for the SA-13.. is there something wrong in the settings for the SA-13 or is it's engagement altitude less than 6000 feet?


Sometimes I Amaze even Myself!
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