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My Best DCS Experience Yet.


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Wow. This was a mission and a half. Four hours of flying without leaving my chair once. Been flying A-10C since the beta came out, and only now am I starting to really get to grips with this machine and start putting it into a semi-realistic scenario.


Took off from Kobuleti with a heavy bomb load, bound for NATO positions north of Beslan, to support NATO forces pushing further north into Russia. With such a heavy payload, I had to take off with much less fuel to meet the MTOW. So, time for some night time refuelling just north of Tbilisi - certainly was a fun challenge!


From there, north over the mountains into Russia, had a great time putting lots of things I'd only recently picked up into practice - using offsets, mark points etc - dropping 14 GBU-12's over the course of an hour on station. Nothing too special here, just night-time CAS with a Predator as AFAC. Lots of advanced low-level SAMs around so I had to stick fairly high and hope that the fighters and SEAD had done their jobs and that I wasn't going to find an R-27 or SA-10 heading for me.


Then, as planned, it was back south to the tanker track to refuel *again* in the darkness, as it was going to be a bit tight on fuel back to Kobuleti. Had a lovely time flying back in the early dawn light, made a textbook landing, shut down the aircraft and pretty much slumped in my chair with relief and a fantastic sense of accomplishment.


While I know I've essentially just sat at a computer for four hours and was never in any real danger - I can have just a tiny glimpse into the world of the guys and girls who do this for real.


So, I feel compelled once again to thank ED for creating this wonderful sim - it's been a long time since a 'video game' has captured me in such a way - and I'm a games design student. Not since my days playing Falcon have I had that same sense of achievement from a computer game/sim.


I'll be tweaking this mission in the future and hopefully release it.

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What is the mission?

If its custom can you post it?


I would also be interested in finding out what the mission was. It sounds quite cool and challenging.

Oli 'Scarecrow' Lusk


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Try to save as best you can to get one.. It changes the entire dynamic THAT much..


I rarely advocate "gadgets" but TrackIR is absolutely amazing.


The mission does sound cool, BTW!

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Let me add another shameless request that you post the mission once you get it the way you like.


Glad you are having fun - I know I am!


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Just ordered myself a TrackIR 5 with the vector clip. My wallet is emitting tortured screaming and begging for mercy - but if it's as much of a game-changer as you all say, then it's money well spent.


Also, I need to change the mission still - having problems getting a 4-ship flight to refuel (3 doesn't refuel), so I'll change it down to a 2-ship. Less explodey-bang-power but there you go.


Truthfully, it'd take you 10 minutes to knock a very similar mission up yourself - but I'll still post this one eventually.

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look, I can See everywhere with my head, lol TIR is a Must!!!

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]Celticcoho (OriginFreedom)

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Or you could spend 40$ and make ur own head tracker with Free-Track software, a webcam and 3 IR LEDs... way cheaper and very easy to make. The software's free, so you'll only be spending on the webcam and IR LEDs.

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