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Check List Manager ?

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Alright, so I'm running a large multi-display config with DCS A10C, none of which support touch at all.


I have over time created several checklists and other reference cards for multiple sims. Sometimes I throw one of those images or reference pages up on an unused display so I can easily use it while in flight.


The problem is, wanting to be able to switch between multiple different "pages" of a reference "book" using joystick buttons trapped by an external program that doesn't take focus.


What I'm trying to accomplish is run the other app locally on the same machine that is running the sim, so while in flight, you can flip through pages of reference material on another display.


Has anyone ever seen a tool that can do this? Or have an idea of how to hack something quick and dirty to work like this?


I'm a software engineer by trade, but I have all of about 5 minutes to devote to this project, life is too busy, especially while I tend to spend all my free time flying the A10 hehehe.


Also, no access to iPad or anything like that, or it would be an obvious solution. (Boycotting Apple and the droid tablets are retarded)




WotG Founder & A10C Lead

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