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find ka-50 target

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If you cannot see it on radar, it is either moving too slow (in the notch) or it is masked by terrain.


In the A-10 - visual acquisition. If you cannot see it, you cannot see it.


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.....and the A-10 (no radar) ?


Three things that spring to mind when I hunted Kamovs in another Kamov were the following (explained a wee bit as it will probably aid Helo drivers once the Hog appears on servers):


1 - Navigation lights.


An absolute giveaway - can spot them from a mile away lit up like a Christmas tree. Once you Fence In, turn them off.


2 - Flares.


Utilise carefully and ensure you have a Bolt-Hole after an attack-run. Do not attack from the same parameters as you can be certain that your Flares have been spotted.


3 - Hovering/Low-Level Ingress


The dust-cloud you kick up from a low-level hover/ingress will be the death of you.

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In 1.02 at least you can sometimes catch them on radar while you fly on very low altitude. Mission 3 (?) for F-15 is a good example. I've managed to shot down two of them in one go. Here's how.

In mission 3 (?) you should get them on your radar some 15+ miles away right after you start. Fly that course. They are going to disappear but you should switch to vertical scan or BORE mode which will give you a few probably very short lock ons. Switch to sidewinders and follow the lock ons. AIM- 9 will eventually lock on them itself.




It's actually mission 4 for F-15 in LO MAC 1.02.

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