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Ati and green screen


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If you get this problem, go to CCC and restore factory defaults to page where is AA and AF and all those settings. I installed Radeon Pro and now when i sometimes play other games it changes my CCC settings, when i launch a10 i got green screen.


Back to default cures it.

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Changed AA and AF to 'use application settings'. and it solved the green screen for me.


But don't see the 'ON' option for HDR, and the cockpit shadows option is greyed out ?

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[sIGPIC]I13700k, RTX4090, 64gb ram @ 3600, superUltraWide 5120x1440, 2560x1440, 1920x1080, Warthog, Tusba TQS, Reverb VR1000, Pico 4, Wifi6 router, 360/36 internet[/sIGPIC]

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