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Custom payloads in

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Damn, I really need to get back home and check this out! unitPayloads.lua doesn't work anymore, perhaps there is a new server-enforced payloads list? Just keep looking.

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Now includes remote server administration tools for kicking, banning, loading missions, etc.

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a new pilot in our forum (=STP=) just told me that he got it done .... but i dont remember correctly how ....

Ill check back and report as soon as i know how to do it ;-)


=STP= Schnarre


There are two types of fighter pilots - those who have, and those who will execute a magnificent break turn towards a bug on the canopy . . . .





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Got it to work thanks to what slackerD said.


Assuming you've got a fresh install:

This might not work if you're using an old "unitPayloads.lua" you copied from


(Remember, Do backups and don't use the default MS notepad to edit the .Lua files!)


Create your payloads in the mission editor and save it.


Exit the game and copy the unitPayloads.lua from "C:\Users\"username"\Saved Games\DCS Warthog\MissionEditor" to "C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS A-10C\MissionEditor\data\scripts" just like before.


Open the file and (*) search for the name of your payload. At the end of the coding for your payload (just before the line where the next payload starts with "unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][32] = {}" )

Type (or copy-paste): unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][XX][XX]["category"] = "Show"


Replace the X's with the numbers that your payload has (each payload has its own set of unique numbers)

For example my payload had the numbers [31][51], yours might not be the same but just look at the rows above to see what numbers yours has.


I've put all my custom payloads into the category "Show" because theres only one payload in there by default so theres plenty of space. If you want to have your payload in some other category just replace the word Show with the name corresponding to your category of choice.


If you have created more than one custom payload go back up to the asterisk (*) and start over again with the next payload, until you've done all your payloads.


Save the file and test ingame.



Heres what my complete custom payload looks like in the file:

unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["name"] = "Show - AGM-65D*4,GBU-12*6,CBU-97*2,M-257,TGP,ECM,AIM-9"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][1] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][1]["launcherCLSID"] = "{DB434044-F5D0-4F1F-9BA9-B73027E18DD3}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][1]["num"] = 11
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][2] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][2]["launcherCLSID"] = "{A111396E-D3E8-4b9c-8AC9-2432489304D5}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][2]["num"] = 10
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][3] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][3]["launcherCLSID"] = "{E6A6262A-CA08-4B3D-B030-E1A993B98453}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][3]["num"] = 9
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][4] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][4]["launcherCLSID"] = "{E6A6262A-CA08-4B3D-B030-E1A993B98452}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][4]["num"] = 3
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][5] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][5]["launcherCLSID"] = "BRU-42_3*GBU-12"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][5]["num"] = 4
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][6] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][6]["launcherCLSID"] = "BRU-42_3*GBU-12"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][6]["num"] = 8
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][7] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][7]["launcherCLSID"] = "{5335D97A-35A5-4643-9D9B-026C75961E52}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][7]["num"] = 7
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][8] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][8]["launcherCLSID"] = "{5335D97A-35A5-4643-9D9B-026C75961E52}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][8]["num"] = 5
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][9] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][9]["launcherCLSID"] = "{6D21ECEA-F85B-4E8D-9D51-31DC9B8AA4EF}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][9]["num"] = 1
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][10] = {}
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][10]["launcherCLSID"] = "{647C5F26-BDD1-41e6-A371-8DE1E4CC0E94}"
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["pylons"][10]["num"] = 2
unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][51]["category"] = "Show"

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well ... i checked back and i have to say ... CUSTOM PAYLOADS WORK LIKE BEFORE !


.... the only thing u have to do is Take the original Unitpayloads(from the installfolder)


and copy it into /Users/....


Then u can do ur payloads in ME , and after u r done - copy the "Unitpayload" back to the Installfolder...


Reason for that, is the changed "unitpayload" from ....

the old payloads arent working cause the version is not compatible with the version of the "unitpayload"


I tried it and it worked ...

I give BIG CREDITS to the user "Marki"(=STP=Forum) for finding this out ...hes new and he started helping out all others from the beginning :thumbup:


=STP= Schnarre

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There are two types of fighter pilots - those who have, and those who will execute a magnificent break turn towards a bug on the canopy . . . .





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Thanks for the post.


Is there a way to add a new category (number 9 etc...) to the rearm menu? It would be nice to put all my custom loadouts into their own category. I've poke around a bit, but I'm not an expert on the scripts... Thanks ~

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I was able to get this working with the help of a squadron mate. Thanks Bourbon!


My issue turned out to be that in the ME I had "Nothing" selected as task. Because of this it wasn't populating the unitpayloads.lua. When I changed the task to "CAS" it showed up in the .lua.


Next you need to do what was mentioned on the first page of this thread.

Your custom payload will show up somewhere around [31][51] like this:


unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][55]["name"] = "Custom - GBU-10*6, TGP"


Right below this you need to manually put in a line to assign it to a category:


unitPayloads["A-10C"]["tasks"][31][55]["category"] = "Show"


Works great for me now...I hope this helps ~ :pilotfly:

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Okay, so I tried the above out to get my custom loadout. Once I launched MP and jumped in a server I couldnt call ATC at all! I restarted MP, restarted comp, tried a different server and no change. Unable to contact ATC or ground crew... as the aim was to ask GC to load SHOW loadout where I put my custom load.


After trying all of the above I went back to the start and put back the original unitspayload.lau back in its place. Restarted MP and I could contact ATC again! So what am I doing wrong when editing the .lau file in Notepad++ to make ATC/ground crew comms not function?


Here is my .lau file I edited (I had to change the file extension to .zip as it wouldn't let me upload the .lau with a file size more then 500kb. Just change the .zip file extension back to .lau once downloaded):





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Custom loadouts verified working in A10C


10 Steps to create your own loadouts for use in singleplayer and multiplayer missions:


1) Apply latest patch.

2) Copy unitpayloads.lua from C:\progfiles\eagledyn\dcsa10\missioneditor\data\scripts

3) Create new folder - call it "backup" or whatever you want.

4) Open newly created folder and paste the unitpayloads.lua in there, this is a backup copy incase you botch the whole operation.

5) Now run the game, and enter the mission editor.

6) Create a new custom mission, add 1 a10c aircraft anywhere on the map.

7) Enter the loadout screen for the a10c and adjust the loadouts available to your liking. You can rename them anything you want, but you cannot assign them categories like training/mix/pgm/show etc.. (to my knowledge) as you could prior to 1.08

8 ) After you are done adjusting the loadouts, save the mission. Exit the mission editor and exit the game.

9) Open C:\users\yourusername\savedgames\dcswarthog\missioneditor and COPY unitpayloads.lua

10) Open C:\progfiles\eagledyn\dcsa10\missioneditor\data\scripts and PASTE unitpayloads.lua (ok to overwrite assuming you already created a backup).


If you find that this isn't working for you, replace both unitpayloads.lua files with the backup you created in step 4.


edit: verified working

Edited by Phuz
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I tried the above, but I only ended up with two menu choices. One was "Default" and the other was my custom loadout. Any ideas?


Yup i mixed up steps 9 and 10, edited the above post and it is fixed now. I would replace both files with your backup before restarting the process, sorry about that.

Edited by Phuz
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So how do I change the type of cannon ammunition and the ammount of ammunition, flares, and chaff?


Open the mission in the Mission Editor. Select your Airframe and navigate to the 'Payload' screen. Self-explanatory from there (drop-down menu's et al to the right).

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